Mirror Game

Vijit Sharma is all set to entertain the audience with his psychological thriller film ‘Mirror Game’ starring Parvin Dabas, Pooja Batra, Omi Vaidya and more. We recently saw the trailer of the same and were left quite amazed with the content of the film. ‘Mirror Game’ has the potential to keep audiences hooked to the screen and well, we must say that the makers have put in a lot of efforts, to make this film as effective as possible. Vijit Sharma roped in International DOP, Joshua Echevarria, to help him create his film.

Joshua, who has worked on quite a few international projects, revealed how it was working with the team of ‘Mirror Game’ and what kind of approach he had for the film considering it is a Bollywood film. He said, “I approached ‘Mirror Game’ as I would with any narrative project. ‘Mirror Game’ wasn’t a traditional Bollywood film per se. I just followed the story and did what worked best for the story. Some of the choices were made in pre-production stage as Vijit, Hari Kapoor (associate director) and I scouted, shot listed and met consistently to prepare for this. But some choices were made on set, especially at the house location. As we grew accustomed to the space and how our protagonist developed and changed in this space we adjusted the way we shot there. As far as language barriers go, the script I read was in English so I had a complete understanding of what each scene was and the important beats that took place throughout the film. It was a hugely collaborative effort which I thoroughly enjoyed. It helped that Vijit knew what he wanted and had a clear vision. Special thanks to Hari Kapoor who was our backbone throughout this project.”

‘Mirror Game’ makes it to the theatres on June 2. Get ready for an unnerving experience that leave you thinking! (Also Read: ‘Mirror Game’ director Vijit Sharma opens up on challenges he faced while filming in New Jersey)


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