Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan is quite happy to be single and has no plans to marry as yet.  The Dabangg Khan was easily handling those question which used to irritate him in the past, but at present he was evading them like  a pro. He spoke quite candidly about marriage, relationship and respecting women.


According to sources, this is what he had to say, “I am not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend. I am loving my single status. In 30 years I must have been single. I am loving it. I am absolutely having a blast. You have no idea how I am feeling. Now that I am single, I can do whatever I can. There is no need to give explanation, or lie to anyone. Whoever wants to come (in my life) can come, but don’t expect anything.”

The Dabangg Khan denied being a commitment phobic. “When I commit, then I commit. Right now, I am non-committal about anything.” Salman Khan is known to have relations with the most beautiful actresses, but they never ended at the altar. Still his love-life and link-ups are the most discussed topics.