India's Most Wanted Movie Review

The first half of India’s Most Wanted is underwhelming and devoid of any action. Arjun Kapoor’s India’s Most Wanted promises so much but its quite monotonous and very stale.


India is reeling from one blast after the other and the situation looks very grim. Arjun as Intelligence bureau officer Prabhat Kapoor is pleading with his senior Rajesh Sharma to go on a mission and capture India’s Osama. Arjun then leads a motley crew of four other persons and they head off to Kathmandu in Nepal.

Honestly, there are no real action or chase sequences and it defeats the purpose of the genre. The acting of Arjun is quite mediocre and you don’t see any passion or intensity that he should have. Only in the final stages before the intermission, there is some suspense building and it should desperately add some momentum for the second half. The second half has to be gritty to carry the film forward.

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