Salman Khan is back on small screen with his show ‘Big Boss 3’ and he reveals his feelings regarding the show the contestants and the reason that why children should avoid watching it.


According to Salman Khan the concept of ‘Jannat’ and ‘Jhannum’ that is being promoted this year is to show the viewers the ‘Devilish’ and ‘Angelic’ side of the contestants within the house.

He loves the show as he has to dedicate just a day to it and to meet the contestants who are so eager to see someone who is not a part of the show so he loves interacting with them.

Sallu feels that sometimes the contestants go overboard so he is not sure whether it should be called a family show.

Salman Khan and his family follow this show with a sincerity. On his own he watches each episode twice or thrice to be well versed as to what is happening inside . Sallu feels that ‘ghar ke andar jo hota hai’ happens in everybody’s house.