Neetu Singh a lady had given up career to take care of her family at the time when she was at the top. At present this lady is quite happy with the decision she had taken. Her son Ranbir Kapoor is at the top position in Bollywood making her proud and her daughter is well settled in her married life.


As per sources, Neetu Singh was always stated ass the reason behind Ranbir’s break up with a certain heroine, but she clears the air,”I have never ever bothered about his girlfriends. I have never told him who I like and who I don’t like. His girls are his life. He has to spend his life with her. She should love him and keep the family together. Being in the film line, she needs to be strong and be there for him. I just want the right girl for my Ranbir and feel that satisfaction that she looks after him.”
Well that’s Neetu for you, a very frank person with no airs of her status.