The ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ actress Huma Qureshi is making her Hollywood debut with ‘Partition: 1947’. The film directed by Gurinder Chadha has been renamed to ‘Partition: 1947’ from ‘Viceroy’s House’ for the Indian audience. It is a lovestory of a Muslim girl named Aalia and a Hindu boy named Jeet, set in the backdrop of India-Pakistan partition. How their love suffers due to the line being drawn between two countries is what the film is all about.

Being her first international project, Huma sure is quite excited for the film and is making her best efforts to create a buzz. She had recently flown down to Delhi to meet the press there and that’s when she revealed that she had to audition for this project. She stated, “I didn’t go looking for an international project or a Hollywood film. Gurinder Chadha was making a film about the Partition. She wanted an Indian actor. Her casting director sent me the script and asked me to read it and also send an audition tape.”


In fact not just this, Huma revealed that till ‘Dedh Ishiya’, she had to audition for the roles she acquired. “A lot of actors have issues taping themselves as they feel their work should speak for itself. But till ‘Dedh Ishqiya’, I can proudly say that I was screen tested for all the movies. Nothing has been given to me on platter,” she quipped. (Also Read: Here’s how Huma Qureshi prepared for her role in ‘Partition: 1947’)

The director of this film Gurinder Chadha too is all praise for the actress. She stated, “Huma had send her audition tape and it was was very good. She caught the nuances of the character. Also her face is perfect for a period film like this.”

‘Partition: 1947’ makes it to the theatres on August 18, 2017.