Govinda and Varun dhawan

For long, Varun Dhawan has stated that he is one of the biggest fans of senior actor Govinda. To an extent, he even tries to imitate the veteran actor’s dancing style whenever possible. Despite all the love and respect that he got, Govinda stated some harsh words for Varun and his father in a recent interview, creating a controversy. We were in for a shock indeed!  But looks like Varun does not want to pay any heap to this controversy.

As Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan were surrounded by media at the song launch event of ‘Tamma Tamma Again’, a question on this controversy was bound to arise. A media personality did ask for Varun’s reaction on the same, but the young actor chose to ignore and stay mum. He simply stated that he is not aware of this and doesn’t want to comment.

When someone tried to explain him what happened, he cheekily avoided the situation and stated, “Mujhe Kuch Sunai Nahi De Raha!”  (I am unable to listen). A good way to avoid any further hullabaloo!


For all those who missed the story, here’s what Govinda had said about Varun in an interview.

Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan both have a body like Salman Khan. But they can’t say it. If they call themselves as Salman Khan, then they won’t get films. They can’t afford to be against Khan. This is how the filmy world works.

How can he (Varun) be like me? To become Govinda, he needs to be innocent, uneducated and a poor village boy. Varun is already a son of a director. In the last six years, he hasn’t done more than two films with his father, whereas I did 17 films with his father (David Dhawan).

Anyway, leaving this aside, we are enjoying Varun and Alia’s song ‘Tamma Tamma Again’, what about you?