Rakesh Roshan with Anurag Basu

Hrithik Roshan has planned a huge birthday bash for his father Rakesh Roshan. The celebrations are to be held at a banquet hall in Worli. The planning is done by the family but Rakesh Roshan is deciding on who is to be invited. Most  of the celebrities from Bollywood and Business tycoons are invited, but one man’s name is crossed from the list and that is of Anurag Basu with whom the actor director had a fallout during the shoot of Kites.


As per sources, ” When the list was being made Rakesh made it clear that he does not want Anurag to be invited. “The discord can be traced back to Kites, the 2010 flop,  starring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. Reportedly, the English version of Kites was also taken away from Basu and given to Hollywood director Brett Ratner for editing.  Also, Basu did not feature in any of the publicity campaigns.
Seems like Rakeshji has still not forgiven Anurag Basu and therefore prefers not to interact with him.