Hrithik Roshan outside Hospital

Hrithik Roshan who has just returned home after brain surgery, spoke on the matters regarding the blood clot.

As per sources ,When he was asked that if felt fear on hearing the news of a blood clot in his brain ,he replied that,”First of all, all fear is 99% assumption-based. In fact, almost ALL worries in life would disappear if we just stop assuming things. Once the doctors said local anesthesia is safer except for the pain, I quickly made my peace with the pain, took the better option and looked forward to a mind-blowing (literally) experience. Haha! How could I have any fear then? I was with the best doctors and was armed with objective information. I got doctors to sing songs while a hole was being drilled into my skull. Why worry until something DOES go wrong!”

It is common knowledge that super stars have crores riding on them so cannot take a sick leave.He replied ,”Yes, I can’t afford to take sick leave. This, of course, throws a lot of lives — lives of people very dear to me — completely out of track”. On doing his stunts ,”I will, of course, be most careful. (Laughs) Do not worry. That I promise. But I will always be a slave (again a very careful one) to my vision”.

Do get well soon and take care in the future.