Shah Rukh Khan

It was just few days ago that a leading tabloid stated that Shah Rukh Khan‘s 20-year-old doodle creation is going to be auctioned for Rs 1.2 lakh-1.8 lakh now. This report pleased one and all, as everybody was raving about his hidden talent of sketching. But, latest reports claim that SRK has not created the poster and it was actually created by a fan, while SRK just gave an autograph on the doodle.

A source close to SRK revealed to a leading web portal, “SRK has not drawn that doodle. We have no clue how and from where this doodle suddenly popped up. It just has his signature and from what we know, it was drawn by a fan who asked Shah Rukh to autograph it and he obliged. It’s not his creation.” (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan reveals when ‘Ted Talks India’ will go on air)


Woah, so can you imagine, that a mere autographed doodle of SRK is being auctioned for such a good amount! Such is his fan following all over the world.