Kangana Ranaut Shobha de tweet

Renowned columnist Shobhaa De is in news these days because of her derogatory tweet about team India at the Olympics. Many celebrities have come out in open and criticised her for her remark. Even Kangana Ranaut has said that it’s very disturbing.


Kangana was asked to comment on Shobhaa De’s tweet when she said, “It is a very disturbing thing to say to people, who are representing us. It can be also a very personal opinion but being such a credible author and a powerful woman who people look up to, for someone like that saying this is disheartening…”

Kangana hopes the athletes do not get disheartened because of the tweet and do their best. “It is not a good news, for sure. I hope our athletes don’t get disheartened and we need to do our best,” she added.

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