Shah Rukh Khan

The unfortunate mass molestation incident that took place in Bengaluru on the New Year’s eve has left everyone speaking out their concern. Our Bollywood celebs too have been opening up about the same, expressing all the emotions that are going through their mind regarding the disgusting turn of events that took place.


While every celeb took to Twitter to express their anger and spoke about how the law and order should be changed, superstar Shah Rukh Khan has the best solution to avoid such incidents. Shah Rukh, in a recent media interaction, said, “I think it (the Bengaluru molestation incident) is completely wrong. We, mothers and fathers have to teach their sons to respect women.”

We totally second Shah Rukh’s thoughts on the matter.

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A few days back, even Aamir Khan had expressed his views on the same, saying, “What happened in Bangalore is very saddening. It’s shameful. Every nation’s government should do something about it. My view on such issues is that when law and order strengthens, things will change. Once there are examples where the man is convicted of the crimes done, change will tale place.”

Akshay Kumar too, gave an admirable sentiment on the same, and so did many other celebrities. Indeed, what happened was very unfortunate, and we can only hope that it does not happen again.

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