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The founders of Phantom Films have dissolved their production house. While they haven’t revealed the reason behind this sudden decision, it is being said that it was done as one of its founders, filmmaker Vikas Bahl was accused of sexual misconduct by one of their own female employee.

Yesterday, as the story of the survivor speaking about the ordeal she had to face because of Bahl, surfaced once again, filmmaker Hansal Mehta took to Twitter to voice his opinion on this case. The director openly lashed out at Vikas Bhal and his ilk. He also spoke of how big stars are still working with Vikas instead of boycotting him.


As soon as Hansal posted his views on Twitter, soon Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut fans started accusing him of being biased. Hansal was trolled mercilessly, but he hit back at the trollers trying his best to explain them to not to take things out of context. For the uninitiated, Kangana and Hrithik are all set to clash at the box office next year. And Hansal has previously worked with Kangana in ‘Simran’.

You can check Hansal’s response to the trolls here:

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He also had a message for Kangana Ranaut fans.

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Unable to take up all the negativity coming his way, Hansal finally decided that he will go off Twitter. The filmmaker posted, “I’m done with twitter. A platform that has ambiguous guidelines about hatred, negativity and abuse is no platform for debate or discussion – forget social change. Goodbye.”

However, the filmmaker said that he won’t stop raising his voice against such issues. Hansal wrote, “So I took a stand. The result was trolling & deflection by people with vested interests. I am disillusioned with this platform and the negativity spread by people when they should be fighting for somebody who is a victim of sexual abuse. I will continue to speak up, But not here.”

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