Gulshan Grover

Bollywood’s ‘Bad Man’ Gulshan Grover recently revealed that he owes his Hollywood career to ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh Khan. He recently released a memoir in which he has penned down his rags to riches story with details like how he was a part-time door-to-door detergent salesman as a kid and several such interesting anecdotes.

Revealing how he owes his Hollywood career to Shah Rukh, Gulshan Grover told Hindustan Times, “Shah Rukh and I were working in director Aziz Mirza’s movie ‘Yes Boss’ (1997) and that time, I had got selected for a Hollywood movie ‘The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo’ to play the main antagonist. It was the final call for me to come to Hollywood and sign the film. I was in a big dilemma and before turning down the offer, I went to Shah Rukh and made him read the script.”

“He insisted that I should take the first flight to Hollywood. I was so scared thinking the director would sue me for doing this or cut my salary for making the loss. But Shah Rukh said, ‘Tu ja, agar tere ko kisika phone aaya bhi, you come and catch me. I will handle the situation here. You go my friend, sign this film and make us proud,” shared the veteran actor.

Grover was petrified to leave ‘Yes Boss’ halfway but Shah Rukh came to his rescue. Gulshan stated that SRK gave wings to his dream and had he not pushed him that day, his Hollywood career would have never taken off.

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