Govinda Aa Gaya Hero

Govinda was a star in the 90s. He was said to be the king of comedy. But, in the early 2000s, the actor’s career saw a downfall. He made a comeback with ‘Partner’ in 2007, but that too didn’t give his career a boost. He was last seen in ‘Kill Dil’ in which he played the role of an antagonist. But, Govinda wants to be the hero, and is all set for a comeback as the male lead in his production venture titled ‘Aa Gaya Hero’.

Talking about the film, he said, “After almost 15 years, I am returning as a hero, so the title had to be ‘Aa Gaya Hero’. I was known as ‘Hero No 1’ (title of his 1997 hit), that’s why this was apt.” (Also Read: Govinda to endorse chain of restaurants in UP named ‘Hero No 1’)

The actor knows about the past decade and how the process of filmmaking has been changed. He said, “Today’s league of filmmakers wear half pants, but we need to model ourselves on the south industry. They know how to create heroes and sustain them.”


Though Govinda is all set for a comeback, he is scared whether he will be accepted as a hero or not. The actor said, “I get scared thinking whether I will be accepted again. But I have always overcome my fears. I have faced a lot of turmoil, but managed to come out of it.”

The trailer of the film was launched recently, and it has a lot of 90s feel to it.