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A few days back, Salman Khan had filed a legal case against Kamaal R. Khan aka KRK. Earlier touted to be a case against KRK’s review for Radhe, it was later clarified that the superstar had filed a case of defamation against KRK over his personal attack against his NGO Being Human. KRK was seen thanking Govinda for his support to him with regards to the case. Now, Govinda has come forward to clarify that he is not in touch with KRK at all and that his name is being dragged into the matter for no apparent reason. He also shared that he is not even aware of the legality of the case to comment.


Govinda told Midday, “I read some media reports about me backing KRK. I am not in touch with KRK for years altogether — no meetings, no phone calls, and no messages. It could be some other person by the same name as I am not being tagged in the tweet. In fact, the self-proclaimed critic had spoken and written unfit statements about me and my movies in the past.” He also called this act of KRK as an ‘agenda’. “I do not even know in depth the exact problems between Salman and KRK but my name has been dragged in the matter,” Govinda added.


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He revealed that he has also gone through similar situations in the past as well. “A similar attempt was made by another film critic Komal Nahata who also took my name in an issue concerning Kartik Aaryan losing a couple of films. Both the attempts seem like an agenda by a demented mind aimed to create nuisance amidst the unprecedented pandemic times.”

For those unaware, Salman Khan’s legal team had cited that KRK has been publishing and “endorsing defamatory allegations,  including that Mr. Salman Khan is corrupt, that he and his brand ‘Being Human’ are involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering transactions, that he and Salman Khan Films are dacoits,” in the case filed against him.

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