Dhoom 3 poster

Aditya Chopra has made himself absolutely clear to theater owners that if they want to screen ‘Dhoom 3’ they will have to utilize digital technology, “‘Go digital or Miss Dhoom 3”. This means that there won’t be any reels of the film getting circulated for the theaters this time. But single screen owners might not be able to screen the movie as they lack the technology.


Aditya Chopra might face loss due to his clause, but is confident that as more people will be visiting the theaters and  he will be able to overcome the loss.

Digital cinema is quite helpful in curbing piracy, as the prints are water marked and finger printed also can be retraced. So film pirates take care as the scion of Yash Raj Films, has thrown out his challenge to prevent Pirated version of his prestigious movie ‘Dhoom 3’.