Sanjay Dutt In Ghanchakker

Sanjay Dutt was to play a cameo in Ghanchakker but had to be removed ,for he could not shoot for it due to his jail term following his conviction in Mumbai Blast case.


As per sources,director Raj Kumar Gupta said”He was to play himself in the film, but due to unfortunate circumstances we had to do away with his role. Only he who could do that role. We had no one else in our mind. We will surely miss him,” Gupta told PTI. Gupta said the character of Emraan Hashmi has been portrayed as a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt in the film. “We have scrapped the cameo part. We did not change or alter anything else as that role was meant only for Sanjay Dutt.”

“It was Vidya who had spoken to him (Dutt)she was instrumental in bringing him on board for this film.
I had spoken to him on phone, I found him a very nice and humble person. He had agreed to do the film,” Gupta said.

We know Sanjay Dutt fans would have loved to see him.