Gauri Khan - Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was recently seen holding a candid chat with Anupam Kher on’The Anupam Kher’show. SRK spoke about his wife Gauri Khan, he revealed Gauri was physically very attractive and that made him fall for her.

On her part the better half of King Khan minced no words to let the world know about SRK and her equation, also how they balance it. Gauri said,”I think both husband and wife should have busy minds, not see too much of each other, but not too little either, just get it right. If both are healthy in their heads and satisfied with their day’s work, the partnership works.”


Gauri was quite frank in stating the downside of living with a superstar, She said,”The downside of living with a celebrity is that His meetings are endless and he is terrible with timings. We’re always late for everything, so that bugs the S* out of me.”

So now we hope that Shahurkh Khan does understands the value of time!