Frendy Daruwala

After Kanika Kapoor and Karim Morani’s family, now actor Freddy Daruwala has revealed that his father Kurush Daruwala has tested positive for Coronavirus and is currently in quarantine in their bungalow in Mumbai. The ‘Commando 2’ actor also revealed that the rest of the family members are also in isolation.


In an interview with Bombay Times, Freddy said, “So, since we found out about my father’s positive results, we’re making sure that he is isolated and using only one room and one dedicated toilet to himself. His clothes, bedsheets and other used things are sanitised, washed and kept with utmost care. The rest of the family members are keeping a safe distance from him. But at the same time, we’re making sure he doesn’t feel lonely and left alone.

Freddy shared that it was emotionally draining for him to wait for the results to come out, “Initially, when the test results had not come and we were in limbo, it was absolutely an emotionally draining situation for me. Not knowing what has happened to my father and the unawareness of what will happen if we find negative/positive results kept me very down and depressed.”

Although Freddy is a middle man between his father and his family, he is also worried as he has a 15-month-old son. “I have to make sure my dad gets everything he needs at the same time, keep myself sanitised and sane. I can’t afford to be the carrier of the virus. I am taking utmost care of my 15-month-old son, Evaan. He is confined to one room with his mom and spends most of the time there. I am playing a responsible son and father, making sure all my loved ones are safe,” he shared.

Freddy’s bungalow has been sealed and sanitised by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation as a precautionary measure.

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