Farhan Akhtar and Abu Azmi

On the New Year’s eve, an unfortunate incident took place in Bengaluru wherein hooligans mass molested females and created a ruckus on the streets. Many people slammed the incident, but politician Abu Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s father-in-law had a different take on the incident. Instead of criticising the incident, he blamed women for wearing short dresses and embracing western culture. He said, “It was bound to happen. Women were wearing short dress.” Of course, Twitteratis went berserk criticising his remark. Even Farhan Akhtar had something to say.


Farhan took his Twitter handle and posted,

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We agree with Farhan. It’s high time that we teach men of our society to behave properly rather than criticising females for no reason. For this, we appreciate Farhan’s initiative ‘MARD’ that pledges to bring about gender equality.

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