Fardeen Khan, death hoax

Death hoaxes of stars have often been circulated in the media, leaving everyone shocked. Even actor Fardeen Khan became prey when a report about his death surfaced in the media. Not once but twice it happened and now reacting to the news, Fardeen reveals it irritates him to see irresponsibility of the news. It annoys him the most because it would give him a heart attack if his mother reads it.

The No Entry actor recalled the time when he was reported dead as he was quoted saying, “Twice it was said I had died in an accident. It pissed me off because I said if my mother saw it I think she would have a heart attack herself, or my wife knew about it or somebody else read about it so I got irritated about the irresponsibility of that aspect of it.


He added, “I think it was way back in the day. It was Rampal who first messaged me ‘are you alright.’ I mean he called to see whether I was dead or alive I don’t know. So that was what it was back then.”

Fardeen who has amazed the audience with his major weight loss transformation is all excited to come back to Bollywood after a hiatus. He will be sharing screen space with Riteish Deshmukh, Priya Bapat and Krystle D’Souza in Visfot.

Talking about his comeback, Fardeen said, “Looking forward to coming back, looking forward to meeting you all, whether it’s on a TV screen or a cinema screen. I can’t wait to see what you think of Fardeen 2.0.

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