Farah Khan

Choreographer turned director Farah Khan feels that the Bollywood industry is going through a rough time.


In a recent chat with a leading news portal, she said, “Bollywood is going through a really tough time. The kind of taxes that are put on a Bollywood movies is crazy. Hollywood movies come here but their taxation is half of ours. They are not taxed as we are. It has become very expensive to make a movie and now everyone wants to watch on phone. That’s going to be the future. Also, half of the money the government takes, so it is becoming difficult. It doesn’t scare me but they (Government) have to figure out a way to control it. It’s the budget that’s wrong, especially the small budget movie that you have to worry about.”

Well, we must say that Farah sure has a point. Hope the government is listening. Farah Khan is recently working on a small budget girl-centric movie that won’t feature any A-list actors.

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