Faisal Khan

Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan recently opened up about the prevailing nepotism in Bollywood. He spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput being an outsider as well and luck playing a big factor in making it in the industry. But Faisal also said that the insiders seem to give more flops in Bollywood than outsiders.


In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Faisal opened up about nepotism in Bollywood. He said, “It’s not like there are no opportunities for outsiders. In fact, many actors have come from outside – Shah Rukh (Khan), Akshay (Kumar), Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao, and of course, Sushant Singh Rajput. He was not from the industry. So, many actors and actresses have also come from outside. Like I said, you will get the opportunity but you won’t be able to survive if you don’t work hard and with dedication. Luck is also necessary, but your hard work comes first and then God sees and gives you the fruit Himself. It’s a tough line for everyone, you’re not going to be liked by the audience just because you are a star kid.”

He also spoke about being compared to the famous family members, he said, “Of course they will judge you and compare you with your family members that are doing well. It happens in every industry and not just the film industry, Sachin Tendulkar’s son is judged by his name, so it happens everywhere. But you have to form your own identity. Like now, I can give my example because I have been through it. Had I given up, I wouldn’t have directed my film. At the end of the day, you’ll get a break in the industry due to nepotism and favouritism.”


He added, ” If your father is a big director then he can make a few calls and people to cast you, but you will have to prove your worth in the end. There’s no theory or formula for success. There are going to be new people coming in both from the insiders and outsiders. In fact, I think that the rate of insiders flopping is higher than that of the outsiders because you get the chance but you’re not successful.”

Earlier, Faisal had also opened up that his family has kept him under house arrest for almost a year and they forcefully gave him medicines for his mental health issues. Also, he admitted to having being insulted by Karan Johar at Aamir Khan’s 50th birthday party.

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