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Gehraiyaan starring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhariya Karwa is creating a stir on social media. Right from its ultimate casting coup to the film touching upon some topics that are still considered taboo in society. Though there has been a mixed reaction on Gehraiyaan as it speaks about infidelity, people were amazed to see Siddhant and Deepika’s intimate scenes as well. Speaking of which, intimacy has always been a hot topic despite it having been explored in many movies before. Nevertheless, this time, people’s reaction to the same for Gehraiyaan was quite loud.

So, during an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, director Shakun Batra was asked about his views on people’s perception of intimacy and what thought process he went through while directing the intimate scenes on the sets. Shakun also explained why he decided to have an intimacy director on sets.


Shakun told us, “I think intimate conversations are becoming big because we have an intimacy director but actually what we are trying to do is to normalise the idea of intimacy in films. In fact, I’m trying to take the shock away from it. I’m trying to make it more pleasant, for the lack of a better world. Also, I can see when I’m reading more articles on how it is done in the West, I’m just trying to adapt, I’m just trying to move with time. I think in the coming years I think what would be great if the intimacy director is a part of your crew as much as an action director or a choreographer, you’re just trying to create an environment that is safer and secure for the actor where they can feel, they can say, they can interpret, they can talk about it. So, if at all, that was the reason not because we were trying to be bolder than the rest, those are the things that people take away, actually, it is just to make it more normal, more matter of fact. I’m glad more conversation is happening, like we said we want to normalise it and not make it a bigger topic to discuss.”


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Gehraiyaan release date is February 11 and it will release on Amazon Prime.

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