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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol are amongst the most loved and adored couples in Bollywood. Fans love this jodi are always thrilled to know about the celebrity couple. The couple had a filmy love story that many were not aware about, until Anmol and Amrita shared details. The couple were our next guests on the show Chemistry 101, season 2. They shared their dreamy love story. In an exclusive interview with us, RJ Anmol opened up about how he proposed to Amrita Rao on-air. He revealed that the Vivah actress had no clue.

RJ Anmol told Bollywood Bubble, “So, one night I was doing my radio show. So, what happens is, when you are doing a night show, and you’re playing retro songs, what I am at 9′ o clock is very different from 11 PM. At 11:15 PM- 11:30 PM, she (Amrita Rao) messages me, I’m coming back from my shoot, I’m listening to you. So, I decide on the spot, baby, you’re getting it now, on air, live.


Anmol added, “So, I get my favourite song, play it. I say, ‘Keep this thing for five more minutes, I’ll que her favourite song’. I open the mic and I propose to the lady on air.


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Anmol revealed that he played the song Chandni Raat Mein Ek Baar Tumhe Dekha Hai, which is Amrita’s favourite, while proposing to her. He also shared why he played that particular song. Anmol revealed, “Because, this retro song, she introduced to me.” To that, Rao added, “This particular song of Lata Ji and Kishore da, he had not heard, so I had given this song to him.

Talking about her reaction, Amrita continued “I was at home, at my bed. Then he said, ‘Just stay tune in, listen to the next link’. I was like, ‘Abhi kuch toh gadbad hone wala hai’ (‘Now something is going to happen’). And then he proposed to me.

RJ Anmol added, “And, I said, ‘You don’t have to say anything to me, but if it is yes, just call me. Just say Hello.”

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