Actor Kiara Advani is one of the rising stars of tinsel town. She gained utmost love and popularity after starring in films like MS Dhoni, Good Newwz and most recently Shershaah. But before tasting the success, Kiara, just like many actors, experienced her lowest phase when her Bollywood debut film, Fugly tanked at the box office. The film not only fare well but also it also considered to be one of the biggest flops back then. Now, talking about her Bollywood debut film, Kiara spoke at length about her lowest phase and how she now started loving the art more. 

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, when asked if she had a sinking feeling at that point, Kiara said, “I think I was very confused because until then I genuinely thought, and that’s why one of the most vulnerable sides of me was that, the most difficult thing in the industry is to get your first film, that is your break. I remember when I was aspiring to become an actor, my first few thoughts were, will I get it, what would be that film, will someone cast me, the minute Fugly which is my first film chose me, I was like ‘ab toh ho gaya, ab toh set.’ But when that Friday came and the film didn’t do well, that’s when I realised that everything is so fragile. there’s nothing that is fixed, everything is like Friday to Friday, be it success or failure, there’s nothing permanent over here, it’s all temporary, so that made me realise, then there was a struggle like will get another film because when you’re a newcomer and when your first film doesn’t work, it makes that much harder to someone to bank on you again but I think at that point that was perhaps the lowest phase in the professional life because you’re young and you don’t know where you’re going in life, even today, I mean even COVID for that matter, I see my brother, I see his friends and they are so lost on what they are doing, what are we going to do in life but that’s when I realised that the most important thing is the process and the journey and if you enjoy that and you don’t care impatient about the results and your focus is not on the result or what will happen, then on its own, whatever it is meant to be will happen. so when I started putting myself back together and going back whether it is training, honing my skills again, honestly just getting out of my house sometimes, that was the point I realised, I’m here because I love the art, and of course, the perks of it are when the fans, the audience accepts you and gives you that love  and able to touch them with your performance whether they blush with you or smile with you or cry with you, whatever that is, so that’s when I realised that I’m here for the art so that process when I’m on set, what I feel, that’s what I’m going to cherish and that’s what I’m going to remember. That’s how I bounced back like that, whatever happened, maybe it was my destiny, I was going with the flow 


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When asked about the failure of her first film, the Shershaah actor mentioned, “Rejection of any kind, whether the film is not accepted by the audience, or sometimes audition and not getting the parts that you auditioned for, I think sometimes we tend to take the rejections very personally but the one thing, now in hindsight when I look back and why I feel like it didn’t affect me to the extent because I never took it personally. But perhaps the same people with whom my auditions were not selected, I’m working with them today. That is not because of my success, it is because the paths have suited me, the roles have suited me, they have seen that potential.

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