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Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh are expecting their second child in July this year. Geeta and her cricketer husband welcomed their first child on July 27, 2016. Bollywood Bubble recently got in a chat with Geeta Basra who spoke at length about her married life, her children, motherhood, and a lot more.

Geeta said that life changes when one embraces motherhood. She said, “Things do change like in terms of when we go out, it has to be according to her (daughter) timetable when we go on holidays, we have to go to places that are child friendly and there are lots of activities for the kids to do. Now, it’s like going to bed at the right time, getting up at the right time and it has become much more disciplined.”

During pregnancy or after giving birth, women undergo changes in their body and due to societal pressure, they start doing workouts immediately after delivery. Geeta said that one should do workouts but before that a mother should enjoy her role of being a mother. She said that one shouldn’t get into that haste of losing weight straight away.

She said, “Of course you are going to gain weight. You have just delivered your baby, so let your body recover and relax. Go back to working out. It’s not like you don’t focus on yourself at all. Of course, you have to, you are a mother and you are an individual person as well. Start your work out when you are ready but focus on the moment of being a mother, the child, create that bond between you and your child. Enjoy every process of that because it goes so quickly.”

“I did gain a bit of weight after pregnancy which is natural but I was enjoying being a mother. I started working out after one year. It took me time and I didn’t give in to social media and social pressure. That pressure has made it worst for mothers,” she added.

On her daughter Hinaya, Geeta said, “She is a very outgoing child and she has been traveling since she was three months. We were traveling somewhere or the other. Especially when you are pregnant, you have to be extra careful and keep yourself well-guarded. I can’t take her anywhere now. My focus is on my first child and making sure everything is fine with her like she is mentally ok and occupied at home. It has taken a mental toll on the kids as well.”


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On asked how she is taking care of her child so that she doesn’t feel isolated in the lockdown, Geeta said, “I give her different activities and get her to play different things. Her online piano classes are going on. The only thing you can do is make your child active. Luckily for me, my child is not the one to be sitting in front of the TV the whole day, or a computer or an Ipad. I get her engrossed in different activities where she is physically and mentally involved. It is very important for a child especially when they are just stuck at home. As a parent, we can motivate them to do different activities. You have to keep talking to them, keep the environment positive.

You can watch the full interview of Geeta Basra here.

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