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Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Barsa left everyone surprised when they decided to get married back in 2015. Even after almost 6 years of marriage, it looks like the couple just met yesterday, they’re so much in love. We, at Bollywood Bubble, recently got in a chat with Geeta Basra who spilled beans about her love story, relationship, first meeting and dating phase with Harbhajan Singh. The actress also opened up on her motherhood journey, and how Harbhajan has aptly balanced work and personal life.

“How did we fall in love! Well, it’s a long story that I’m going to cut short. Basically, he fell in love with me at the first sight. He saw my poster, I think it must have been that of The Train, or my first movie. He saw my poster and liked me, so he tried to enquire about me. Then my song, Woh Ajnabee song had released. And then he started looking for me. He was quite persistent for 10 months, and then I said, Yes,” Geeta Basra shared.


Ask Geeta Basra what attracted her towards Harbhajan Singh, she said, “His quality of being such a humble human being. He is so humble, so down-to-earth and so family-oriented. That’s what really got to me. You don’t find people like that. Very rarely you find people who are so genuinely full of love. Even after achieving so much, seeing so much and having so much, he is such a simple human being. And I think that’s what took me by surprise.”

In a previous interview that Geeta had mentioned that she did not want to date Harbhajan, because she had heard about her ‘many girlfriends.’ When asked what changed her mind, Geeta shared, “So, it was not just that I think. People have preconceived notions about celebrities. Whether you’re an actor, cricketer or anyone who is glamorous, people kind judge you instantly. But, with cricketers, a lot of people used to tell me many things.”

She added, “I never watched the sports, so I did not know who Harbhajan Singh was, or any of them. So, my friends asked me, ‘You know who you’re meeting right?’ I was like ‘No, I’ve not watched the game, and I’m not from a family of sporty people.’ No one in my family watches cricket, so I had no idea.”


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“So, what you hear about so many girlfriends or girls lining up to meet him. But, after our first meeting, I was like ‘Nahi yaar, he is such an amazing guy.’ We became friends, we laid the foundation first. We got to know each other before we went to the next step. And that’s what I am happy about. It wasn’t instantly that we got into a relationship. I took a step and said No,” she continued.

“At that time, genuinely, I was not interested in the relationship, because my film had just released. I met him straight after ‘The Train.’ That for me was a time where I was getting a lot of opportunities, but I didn’t know what to do next. A couple of months down the line, we started dating,” Geeta concluded.

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