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Farhan Akhtar had worked with the late Rishi Kapoor on several occasions. The Toofan actor had previously worked with the late actor in the 2009 movie titled Luck By Chance. The upcoming movie titled Sharmaji Namkeen was Rishi Kapoor’s last film. With that, Sharmaji Namkeen also becomes the late actor’s last collaboration with Farhan Akhtar. In an exclusive interview with us, Farhan Akhtar opened up about his fondest memories with Rishi Kapoor. The Sharmaji Namkeen producer recalled a sweet memory of his inflight conversation with Rishi Ji.

Farhan told Bollywood Bubble, “I have got so many memories of him, from the time I was a kid. And then, of course, we worked together on Luck By Chance. And apart from that, I would love bumping into him, whenever I went out.”


Akhtar further shared, “He (Rishi Kapoor) was just filled with life. He was just filled with like stories. He would make you laugh. And he was very insightful, as well. I was once back on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai and we just happened to be sitting next to each other.


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He further said, “So, he’s (Rishi Kapoor) is sitting next to me and saying, ‘Toh ab tu kya kar raha hai (What are you doing now?)’. So I said, You know, I’m in prep for a movie.

Farhan Akhtar shared, “‘Shuru kab hone wali hai (When is it going to start)’, he (Rishi Kapoor) said. So, I said, ‘Agle saal (next year)’.
“‘Agle saal, have you gone mad. You know you guys of this generation. You’ll are doing one film in two years, one film in three years. The time will go by, you’ll be old by then. Jab tak buddhe ho jaoge, teen film ke honge tum (You’ll be three movies old, when you’ll be old),” Rishi Kapoor said, revealed Farhan.


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Akhtar continued, “So I was trying to explain to him that ‘You know Rishi uncle you also have to get into the script’.” Farhan then shared what Rishi Kapoor told him. He said, “You are an actor, you have to keep working.”

The Toofan actor said that he misses Rishi Kapoor’s company. He said, “I miss his company. He was just, he was awesome company.” Farhan then shared that Rishi Kapoor told him, “You have to work. You are an actor, you have to keep working.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

Rishi Kapoor breathed his last on June 30, 2020, in a Mumbai hospital. Sharmaji Namkeen, Rishi Kapoor’s last movie is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, on March 31, this year.

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