Rajinikanth with wife Latha Rajnikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth’s bettter half Latha Rajinikanth, evidently has a lot more to her than just being superstar Rajinikanth’s wife. She is a known singer and philanthropist. Mrs. Rajinikanth too is very humble and down to earth just like her famous husband.




She said, “We get to know of everything that happens around him on social media. I take it very positively. I don’t think those are jokes, those are tributes by his fans to his greatness. They attribute grandness and greatness to him, and it’s very kind of the people. The love we have got is a divine blessing”.

Latha further added that the entire family enjoys the jokes over dinner. “People send something or the other to us on Rajini. We read it to each other and enjoy it and share laughs. It’s very creative and imaginative of people to treat him like that.”


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