Salman Khan and Elli Avram

Elli Avram the Swedish Greek actress in the house of Bigg Boss who had caught the eye of Salman Khan the host of  Bigg Boss. Salman Khan is so bewitched by her, that she is also on the guest list of Salman birthday party that is to be held on his farmhouse at Panvel. Well this lady even though she is one film old and that too a flop, has managed to move from her current residential status at Malad to Bandra.  Thus becoming a neighbor of Salman Khan, the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood .


As per sources, the world was a witness to Salman Khan’s blushes while interacting with his favourite Elli on the Bigg Boss, and also how he had exclaimed, “where you were before this, if you would have met me before, you would not be in Bigg house but in Bigg Boss host’s (Salman Khan) house”.Seems like he has fulfilled his promise to her by shifting her from Malad to Bandra.

Salman Khan’s broker made Elli buy the new apartment and she is now become a close neighbor of Dabangg Khan.  Well soon we shall see the twosome on the front pages of many a national daily.