Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

The gorgeous Deepika Padukone has gone on and said that she is single, on being questioned about her relation with co-star Ranveer Singh but contrary to rumours, she has been advised by her friends not to leave him.  They have also given their seal of approval to Ranveer Singh, and are now urging her to be serious about the relationship.


According to sources, Deepika and her alleged beau Ranveer Singh had gone over to New York to celebrate her birthday. The pair was joined by friends over dinner and the conversation soon veered towards their ‘relationship’. At this point Deepika tried to change the topic but her pals refused to drop the subject. “They unanimously suggested that Deepika should not leave Ranveer. One of them blurted out, can’t you see the man loves you madly? Don’t leave him.”

Now since even we know of Deepika’s long history of break ups from Nihar Pandya , Yuvraj Singh, Ranbir Kapoor to Sidharth Mallya, we too would advice her to rethink about her relationship with Ranveer Singh.