Shah Rukh Khan

One of the wittiest and charming men of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan recently gave an interview to a leading men’s magazine. His interview has gone viral as the unusual format of Google questions and SRK’s answers are grabbing the eyeballs of netizens. During the same interview, fans could asked questions to SRK on Twitter. An interesting question by a fan on Twitter had a super interesting reply from King Khan that’s soon got viral.


Well, a fan asked him if he had a tattoo on his body to which SRK replied by saying that he has no tattoo, but he has a birthmark on his bum which he himself hasn’t seen yet. Okay! So, this was quite a frank reply from King Khan which is going viral over the internet. The question was asked in reference to SRK’s tattoo which was visible when he was shooting for ‘The Ring’/’Rahnuma’. But, who would have expected SRK to come up with such a reply.

Honestly, we don’t know if he was joking or serious about it, but it surely adds one more trivia to his list of innumerable facts diary.


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