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‘Delhi Crime’ won the best drama series honour at 48th International Emmy Awards. The show is based on the Nirbhaya rape case in 2012. All the actors part of the web series are raved for the win. Casting director Mukesh Chhabra played an important role here as he was the man behind the entire cast. We recently had a telephonic conversation with Chhabra and congratulated him on ‘Delhi Crime’s big win. He expressed his happiness, spoke about the challenges he faced while casting, how OTT has created opportunities for all, casting directors getting more recognition now and much more.

Talking about casting for ‘Delhi Crime’, he said, “The most difficult part for me was recreating such a horrible and disturbing incident. The process was not easy. The actors had to look real and out-of-the-box and that is the reason the show worked and everyone looked so real. Credit also goes to Richie Mehta the way he handled.”


When asked if casting directors are getting the recognition now, he said, “It all started with ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and now because of the digital world when people get to see so many actors, they get to know who has cast these actors. Because of the digital world, recognition is more and I am very happy that all my other casting directors and colleagues are also doing so well and great work.”

Chhabra also said that today, there are no small or big actors as every actor plays an important role in a show. “In today’s time, directors don’t tell us to cast the lead, they tell us ‘this is the show, create the magic’. Every actor is important. Whether you see the series ‘Scam 1992’, ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Delhi Crime’, ‘The Family Man’, every show we have done, we have never thought of getting some big or known star. Whoever is right like Pratik Gandhi was a new guy and he did the lead in ‘Scam’. Gone are the days when we said this is the lead cast. Now, there is no such as lead or supporting actors as every single actor is important because they all make the show together,” said Chhabra.


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Talking about the OTT platforms, he said that it has opened avenues for everyone-from the editors, DOPs writers to young directors and actors. He said, “It is the best time for all as everyone is doing so much work. Earlier, we used to cast more for films and ad films, but now because of OTT, so many things have come up. So our work has also increased.”

“For me also it has worked as there is no pressure of getting only established actors. It just that whoever is right we get to cast,” he added.

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