Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh

Actress Deepika Padukone recently hugged her ex boyfriend Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, when the two  came face to face . Well its quiet a refreshing change, as Bollywood celebrities usually avoid their exes in public. But Deepika and Yuvraj met with great fondness and didn’t try to avoid each others.



As per sources , its a known secret that Yuvi and Deepika were close to each other. There were rumours  abounding that the Diva had even hosted a birthday party for Yuvraj at her apartment. Later for some unexplained reasons  the two parted ways and Deepika grew close to  lover boy Ranbir Kapoor . Her affair with the Kapoor boy was the most talked about, she recently confessed that she  was heartbroken and also cried a lot after her break up with Ranbir.

The queen of Bollywood after ruling over so many hearts, is at present apparently dating her ‘RamLeela’ co star Ranveer Singh.