Imran Khan with daughter and wife

Life perhaps would have been different if actor Imran Khan had had a son. But with a newborn daughter, Imara Malik Khan, he’s all for being a doting, possessive and indulgent dad.


When asked if he’s a hands-on daddy to Imara, the actor said: “I have been hoping to have a daughter, but now I have realised that if I had a son I would have some semblance of dignity and to control myself a little bit.

“But with my daughter now, I will have to listen to everything. I think I am gone now as I would be only after my daughter.”

Imran and his wife Avantika welcomed the baby June 9.

Reportedly, the actor has taken some time off from his professional commitments to look after Avantika and their newly born daughter.
Inputs by IANS


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