Daisy Shah with Salman Khan

Salman Khan is known for his chivalrous attitude towards his on screen love interests. Actress Daisy Shah is basking in this, there were rumors from the Lavasa shoot of the strong bond between the two and how the two were spending quality time together by going for walks or even bicycling together.


According to sources, “Salman Bhai is very approachable and is very protective about the girls on the sets. No surprises that he sorts out Daisy’s problems too.Daisy runs to Salman for every small thing. If someone tells her something on the sets, it is certain that he will get to know about it. People have become careful before talking aloud in front of her. Salman seems to be very fond of Daisy.”

Daisy too confirmed that, “I go to Salman for help because I know him well. I am just starting out and I need proper guidance to find my way.

This girl surely knows which side of her bread is buttered.


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