Bollywood’s Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor seems to be a hot favorite of the custom officials at the ‘Mumbai International Airport’.  RK Jr was once again detained by them when he returned home from his trip to United States.


As per sources, Ranbir Kapoor was walking out from the ‘Green Channel’ when the officials stopped him to check his bag,”After the inspection, he was asked to pay 1.70 lakh — 1 lakh as duty for some goods he had bought and 70,000 as fine for trying to evade customs. Since he was not carrying so much cash his baggage was detained till he sent the required amount.

But then too they did not hand over his baggage, as he had not sent a letter authorizing his staff to collect it. So later a letter was handed over and the bag reached the Kapoor  residence.

Why does he play this game of ‘hide and seek’ with custom officials?