Pallavi Inder Kumar and Inder Kumar

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar who has been charged with rape and torture is at present under police custody. Inder has a savior in his wife Pallavi, who is busy collecting evidence to prove his innocence. The wife is leaving no stone unturned to give his side of the story. 

As per sources, Pallavi said that,”Inder and that girl have known each other for a couple of days. He has admitted that he got intimate with her, when he stayed at her place for three days. She was emotionally blackmailing him and he slipped but it was a one-night-stand, not rape.


He is innocent. I know Inder for 11 years. He had an affair with Isha Koppikar years back, three of us were friends. I am sorry to say this, but if you look at this girl, you won’t even keep her as a maid in your house. She was the reason, we had a rift but I won’t let her take an advantage of that. We were a perfect family, until she happened. Inder had a drinking problem but he’s off it now.”

Pallavi further added that. “There will be no out-of-court settlement. I am ready to fight. I am angry with my husband as he cheated on me but he is not a rapist and not the only one responsible. Taali dono haath se bajti hai. She wanted him for lust.” 

Kudos to an Indian wife who stands by  her husband .


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