Chitrangda Singh casting couch Bollywood

The glitz and glamourous world of film industry seems fascinating from outside but it holds several secrets. Only those working closely or working in it are privy to its various facets. Actress Chitrangda Singh recently opened up about how casting couch does exist in every industry, however, in Bollywood nobody forces anyone to give in.


In a recent interview with SpotboyE, Chitrangda admitted that casting couch does exist in Bollywood but it’s up to the person whether to cave in or stand their ground. The ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi‘ actress also shared that she lost a few projects due to it but she prefers not to sulk about it.

The actress shared told the portal, “There are people like this everywhere. Right from my modelling days to Bollywood, I have seen them at all times. Corporate industry is just as bad. Yes, it has happened with me but I would like to say that the Bollywood industry is not the place where anybody forces you. There is enough space and respect for everyone and their choices. You do feel bad when you lose an opportunity but then those are the choices you make. So, you don’t sulk about it.”

She went on to add further that if someone is comfortable with it then they should just go ahead and do it. “It feels bad and I have lost out on projects too but at the same time if you are comfortable with it, then go ahead and do it. I am not here to judge anyone,” Chitrangda added.

The ‘Baazaar’ actress people in the industry seek all sorts of favours not just sexual. Its been almost two decades since Chitrangda is working in the film industry and she has featured in some of the well-known films like ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, ‘Desi Boyz’, and ‘Inkaar’ to name a few.

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