Shah Rukh Khan in rollers and Mustache

Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a theater background, he had acted in a number of dramas right from his schooling age to college. Shah Rukh Khan later had become an active member of a theater group in Delhi too, and has been inspired by many a theater stalwart during his growing age. From theater to television heartthrob; to present day Bollywood’s Badshah; its been an arduous but fulfilling journey for King Khan.


Recently Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a photo of himself in curlers and false mustache, holding conversation with a lion on stage. The picture of a very young SRK must be during the staging of the adaptation of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ that SRK was cast in while at school at St Columba’s in New Delhi. SRK tweeted this picture, captioning it: How is this for varied roles!! How many actors with mustache & curlers have had a meaningful dialogue with a lion?’

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