Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan the ‘Ek Number Khan’,  of Bigg Boss is in legal trouble after calling BJP prime minister candidate  Narendra Modi chor. A case has been registered against him in court, by the Mumbai police. BJP activists have surrounded the Bigg Boss house for they were angry and wanted some action taken against Ajaz.


According to sources , the above remarks were made by Ajaz while conversing with the other housemates. To avoid problem it was not aired, but deleted by the channel. Somehow it made it to YouTube’s top list. The case has been now transferred to Lonavla police after Gopal Shetty a BJP MLA from Borivili filed a case against Ajaz. Seems like it is Ajaz turn after Armaan to go behind bars now.

Well this season of Bigg Boss has truly become memorable with so many contestants having a brush with law.