Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

Superstar Aamir Khan has not only vroomed into the 100 crore club with his action Dhamaka Dhoom 3 in India,  within a short time but has also spread the Dhoom mania in the neighboring country of Pakistan, as within the first day itself the Dhoom 3 craze in Karachi has reached such heights that multiplexes are running the film on all their screens and having five shows a day on one screen. Also it has made 20 million within a day.


As per sources , Dhoom 3 was the first movie to be released in Pakistan after the law passed by the high court that had barred the release of Hindi movies in Pakistan. Nadeem Mandviwalla, one of Pakistan’s leading exhibitors and distributors said,”There is no doubt that Dhoom 3 has been a massive hit and the reason for this is clearly Aamir Khan and the pre-release publicity for the film,there is great interest in the film and we are getting audiences of all ages and sexes.”

Well now it remains to be seen that will Dhoom 3,  break Chennai Express record of a 100 million in Pakistan.