Anushka Sharma with Virat Kohli

The handsome vice captain of Indian cricket Team Virat Kohli, also known as the blue eyed boy of the Cricket team is under fire for scoring a meagre 134 runs in 10 innings against England. Virat is facing the wrath of Indian fans who have mocked him for deciding to have girlfriend Anushka Sharma accompany him for the first couple of Test matches.


Well Virat alone is not to be blamed it seems that he has a partner in crime that cost India in England. And the man behind the whole mess is none other than Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary Sanjay Patel. It is known that BCCI had allowed only wives of the cricketers to travel with them, but they decided to make an exception in the India vice-captain’s case.

As per sources, it was the secretary who called the management in England during a tour game and requested them to grant permission to Kohli to have Anushka with him. “See, whether you call it hypocrisy or social norms, so far we have only had wives of Indian players travelling with them. But Kohli requested the Board to allow him to take Anushka along. While the management was taken aback by the request of the player, Patel called up the management and asked them to give the go-ahead as the Board saw nothing wrong in Kohli’s request.”

The end result of the series is that Virat has failed to perform during the matches. Even during India’s tour to New Zealand earlier in the year that Anushka was seen roaming around the streets with Kohli.