The Jiah Khan suicide case has taken a new turn with the High Court ordering fresh probe into the case.  The court has ordered further investigation into the suicide case of the late actress. Earlier Jiah Khan’s mother had filed a petition alleging that her daughter was murdered and so had asked the CBI to probe into it , she had also attached an independent forensic experts report with it.


As per sources, Rabiya Khan had insisted that the police investigations were not done clearly. So it was quite helpful for Sooraj Pancholi whose family has clout with the police, so they covered up murder to look like suicide.

She also alleges in the petition that Jiah was first strangled and then hung to show that it was a suicide but if a person commits suicide her eyes would be popping and tongue protruding out whereas in this case it was not so. There were many injury marks on her body as if someone had held her tightly.