Hindi Film Fraternity has always been always united whenever the need arises. Whether it is for some charitable cause or for a social cause. At present they are expressing their outrage, against the recent rape case that took place in the city, via social networking sites.


Sonam Kapoor: I’ m really shocked and taken aback with the recent shameful incident that took place in Mumbai yesterday. A sheer act of cowardice. I’ m appalled! Photojournalist gang-raped in Mumbai, over 20 detained.


Karan Johar: Helpless to say the least…words like “devastated”..”disgusted” mean nothing at a time like this! #gangerape in my city… I feel ashamed

Farhan Akhtar: Dear CM, Home min state, Police Comm and sluggish judiciary… Wish u all were everyday women so you’d truly realise the fear they must feel. There has to be harsher punishment for rape and a fixed time limit within which cases must reach a verdict in court. Wake up system!! Cannot understand if everybody seems to have known this compound is where drug dealers & addicts hung out, why nothing was done earlier?

Bipasha Basu: More shock and more remorse! What about more justice and justice which would scare and stop these filthy animals who live in human skin! Lets just accept it! We are not safe! #MumbaiGangRape