Why is 'Peekay' releasing on Christmas

Bollywood celebrities are earning big, just for a guest appearance at various Pandals during the festive season. Seeing the trend Salman Khan too has entered the 2 crore club of making appearances at various pandals.


As per sources Salman Khan is being offered 2 crores for an half an hour appearance in a pandal in Gujarat during the Navratri festivities, and all this just for his trademark swagger nothing more.

Following him is Shahrukh Khan who gets around Rs 2.25 crore but he entertains the crowd by interacting, dancing and handing out autographs and also by clicking pictures with the adoring fans. The same can be said of Hrithik too who receives around 1.5 crores.

Ranbir Kapoor too is being invited for various Pandals, all thanks to his rising popularity and he too is being given around 2 crores. But the appearances come for free when these big names have a film to promote. After all faith makes the world go round.