Bollywood celebrates Arvind Kejriwal's victory

Bollywood celebs were seen motivating the aam aadmi of Delhi to go out and vote and looks like the stars have been taken seriously by the janta and they have shown immense support for Arvind Kejriwal. Bollywood has come out and expressed their happiness for Arvind Kejriwal’s victory and congratulated him.

Anushka Sharma – ‘Ek aadmi Se Kya badlega’ hearing this all my life. One man made a huge difference… history stands testament to the power of one man. AAP-aam aadmi party. There is creativity in the name. Creativity thrives when there is a vision. Vision sees things through change.

Anupam Kher – Congratulations to Arvind Kejriwal & AAP for their victory. CONGRATULATIONS to Anna, Kiran Bedi & millions for starting the MOVEMENT.:)

Dia Mirza – ‘They’ve’ mocked, scoffed and ridiculed AAP, now they know. Well done. Good start to a very testing journey ahead. Best Wishes!

Sophie Choudhry – Mubarak Ho Delhi! Hope that with this, u have set an example for the rest of the country.. YOU can make a change if u truly believe!


Vishal Dadlani – What a magnificent day!! Delhi, I wish I was there with you guys right now!! AAP has made a stupendous beginning! Now, to carry it through! Mera desh jaag rahaa hai! Dilli jaagi hai, desh bhi jaagega! I said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s AAP time!!. You’ve given the AAP the opportunity to show how politics SHOULD be conducted! No alliances, no compromise. Just the strength of the truth!”.

Madhur Bhandarkar – Like a Bollywood underdog film with no star cast but an interesting promo, AAP has given a hit! Like in films, in politics too, u never know!

Shekhar Kapur – Congratulations AAM Aadmi Party hope ur success fires new revolutionary blood in2 elections everywhere in 2014. India ready for change.

Raghu Ram – Arvind Kejriwal beats Sheilaji by over 22 k votes!! Salute, sir!! Aapne kar dikhaaya! Cong offered support to AAP to keep bjp out. But AAP has rejected their support, even if that means not forming the govt. Respect. he said. Even cong, bjp forced to respect the aam aadmi. No one’s gloating over them. Humility? Necessity? But the grudging respect is unmistakable. 1 yr old AAP has SHOCKED 2 seasoned national parties. NOBODY has started contesting with this kind of results!

Shirish Kunder – “Apparently, the two main prime ministerial candidates are NAMO and NOTA.”

Pritish Nandy – Welcome to mainstream politics AAP. Arvind Kejriwal has proved his point. India is restless for change. Elections of the future will be fought on issues. Not on personalities, money or muscle power. Not on identity politics. AAP proved that. AAP shows the way forward for India. Anything is possible. Don’t give up hope in the people of India.

Gul Panag – Numbers still coming in, but AAP’s performance is outstanding , considering party is barely a year old.

Shaan – Whatever the result of Delhi Elections…AAP has Arrived..despite zero support from Media.. Arvindji Kejriwal take a bow!!!

Chetan Bhagat – Sheila Dixit, CM to Sheila Dixit, nobody. A Kejriwal, nobody to Arvind Kejriwal, MLA leader of second largest party in Delhi. Awesome India.