Salman Khan and Manu Punjabi

‘Bigg Boss 10’ has become a playground for daily nonsense. After the antics of Swami Om that led to his ousting from the show, the drama is still on. Recently, but not for the first time, the host Salman Khan again lost his cool on one of the contestants, this time Manu Punjabi. However, the superstar had a valid reason for it.

Everyone who has been watching the ‘in’famous reality show or even following up on its regular updates, knows that all has never been well between Bani J and Lopamudra Raut. Last night too, was a night of a massive fight between the two, so much so, that Salman Khan had to intervene. Salman, however, dealt with the situation in a really calm manner, and even warned them that if they are not on their best behaviour, they won’t be invited for the after party of the show which will be held at his farmhouse in Panvel.

All was being sorted in a pretty normal manner, till Manu Punjabi decided to intervene. He called Bani the official backbiter of the show, and that’s when Salman really lost it on him.


Salman retorted saying that Manu was no less and he too was a big ‘Chuglikhor’ which was the term he used for Bani.

Well, Manu is quite upset with the backlash he received from Salman. From what we gather from sources, he continued his reactions even post the shoot.